Measure D Bond - Lincoln Aquatics / Athletics Complex 

The Measure D Bond of $29,000,000 would provide for the construction of recreational facilities to Lincoln students and the community. Unfortunately, the bond did not pass and funds were not secured. The district is currently expoling other options to fund the aquatic center and supplemental parking.


  • Lincoln Aquatics Center and Athletic Complex at Twelve Bridges High School
  • Construction of an aquatic center
  • Field and hardcourt surface installation with lighting, fencing and installation of athletic equipment
  • Parking for fields and the Lincoln Public Library  



Measure D Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)What is Measure D?

Measure D is a local ballot measure on the March 2020 ballot seeking voter authorization for Western Placer Unified to fund the much-needed Lincoln Aquatics Center and Athletics Complex. The district seeks to provide its students with a well-balanced curriculum and healthy opportunities. A new aquatics center and athletic facilities in Lincoln will benefit students and the community as a whole. A “YES vote” approves funding for the plan; a “NO vote” rejects funding.  
What is the actual question that voters will be asked to decide upon in March?
"Lincoln Aquatics / Athletics Complex: Shall the measure to support and enhance student health and curriculum by constructing an aquatics center and athletic fields for community/school use, shall Western Placer Unified School District issue $29,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, levying an average 1.1¢ per $100 assessed value, generating $1,600,000 Districtwide annually, while bonds are outstanding, with strict accountability including: annual audits, independent citizens' oversight, no money for salaries and all money staying in the Lincoln community be adopted?”
How will Measure D funds be used?
Measure D – Project List for Lincoln Aquatics Center and Athletic Complex at Twelve Bridges High School will:
  • Construction of an aquatic center
  • Field and hardcourt surface installation with lighting, fencing and installation of athletic equipment
  • Parking for fields and the Lincoln Public Library
By law, ALL Measure D funds MUST stay local, dedicated to Western Placer Unified K-12 schools.
What’s required for Measure D to pass?
At least 55% of the voters who cast their ballots in the March 3rd Election must vote in favor of Measure D for it to be approved.   Measure D is being sought under the provisions of Proposition 39, which prohibits use of bond funds for operations, administrator salaries or pensions, and also requires independent financial and performance audits on the use of bond proceeds.  All WPUSD voters registered by February 17, 2020 will be eligible to vote on this measure.
No one in my household attends WPUSD schools.   Why should I care about Measure D?
The new Lincoln Aquatics Center will benefit all residents, new and old. It will fill a need by providing much needed improvements. In addition to the aquatics center, the bond will provide necessary library parking for the school and community and athletic fields for community and school use. For students, a new aquatics center, library parking, and fields will enable the District to provide curriculum to support well-rounded student education.
How much will Measure D cost?
The $29 million bond translates to $11 per year for every $100,000 of assessed valuation. The assessed valuation refers to taxable value, not the market value of your property. The taxable value of your home or business will depend on when you purchased it.   For example, a homeowner with an assessed value for their home of $300,000 would pay about $33 a year. Measure D specifically funds the Lincoln Aquatics Center and Athletics Complex. For less than $3 per month, Measure D is a great investment for our community!
Have there been other Western Placer USD school bonds?  If so, when was the last bond?
Western Placer Unified School District has kept its bond measures small and focused on specific projects highly desired by the community, so tax rates are manageable.
  • Measure A focused on significant improvements and enhancements to Lincoln High School as well as the construction of Twelve Bridges High School, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2021.
  • Measure N focused on substantial upgrades and modernization of Glen Edwards Middle School and the construction of Leaman Elementary School, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2020.
How can we be assured that Measure D money will be spent properly?
Taxpayer protections are REQUIRED.  All Measure D funds stay local - they cannot be taken away by the State or used for other purposes.  NO funds can be spent on administrators' salaries.  Measure D requires the establishment of a Bond Oversight Committee within 60 days after a successful election result is certified. The Committee is responsible for monitoring bond finances to ensure the public that the money is being spent properly.   Measure D also requires independent annual audits on use of bond proceeds.
Doesn’t the STATE provide funding for school facilities? 
The State provides no funding for athletics facilities, playing fields or parking. Passing a local bond is the ONLY way to build this project.  There are no other sources of funding for this type of school project.
If voters approve Measure D, when will the work begin?
Once the measure is approved, the District will begin to immediately develop a schedule of the funded project so it can be completed on time and within budget. The project can be started as early as Fall 2020.
Where can I get more information?
For more information please contact: Audrey Kilpatrick at 916-645-6350 or email