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Twelve Bridges High School is in momentum! The remaining acreage has been purchased. HMC Architects and Flint Builders were selected for this project. We received all the environmental documenting and permitting. We officially broke ground in March of 2019 and are on track for completion of the new high school at Twelve Bridges in 2021-2022. Driving by, you can see the progress pictured above. 


Updated as of: January 4, 2021
1)    What is the formal name of the new high school?
Twelve Bridges High School
2)  What is the school's address?
2360 Fieldstone Drive, Lincoln CA, 95648
3)    When will the school open?
The fall of 2021
4)    What grades will be served when the school opens?
New high schools typically start with ninth graders and add a grade each year. We are starting with ninth and tenth grades and add a grade each year. 
5)    What are the school colors?
The school colors are Lucky Green and Black  .
6)    What are the main colors of the buildings?
The main color of the buildings are similar to the color of the library. The accent colors include blue, terracotta, and green.
7)    What will the attendance boundaries be for the school?
Updated boundaries can be found here. The high school boundaries will model our current middle school boundaries. Student attendance will be based off current residency and chosen CTE pathway. We will have specialized programs at TBHS and LHS that will assist with school choice.
8)    What specialized programs will be available at the school?
Both high schools will offer a comprehensive educational program. In addition, it is planned to offer pathways in Media Arts, Biomed, and Information Communication Technology (ICT) at TBHS. LHS will offer Building and Construction Trades, Engineering, and Agricultural pathways. 
9)    How will sports be managed at the school?
Initially, Junior Varsity sports will be offered and then move into Varsity as grades are added.
10)    Where will the entrance to the school be located?
The entrance and exit will be located on Fieldstone Drive.
11)  What is the school mascot?
Per popular vote, the Rhino is the mascot.

12)  What will happen to the library?
The library was built and designed as a joint use facility with the City, District, and Sierra College. All three entities use the library and it will be available for student use. It will serve as the library for the campus.
13)  What about campus safety and a joint use library? Can just anyone enter campus through the library?
The main campus will be fully fenced and separate from the library. Only permitted visitors, staff and students will be able to enter campus through the main entrance(s). 
14)  What about parking and the library?
The high school will have an additional 500 spaces for parking on campus
15)  Will there be an aquatic center at Twelve Bridges High School?
There were not enough funds to build an aquatic center on site. The District
attempted a bond in 2018 to fund the pool, but it wasn’t approved. Another school bond was on the March 3, 2020 ballot; it too did not pass. The district will explore other possible options in order to have an aquatic center. 
16)  What will be done about added traffic?
a.    We completed a traffic study to ensure the most efficient entrance placement.
b.    The City of Lincoln is putting in a roundabout at the intersection of Fieldstone and E. Joiner Parkway.*  
c.    The City of Lincoln is installing a traffic light at the intersection of Westview Drive and E. Joiner Parkway (in front of Twelve Bridges Middle School)*
d.    The start times for Twelve Bridges Middle School and Twelve Bridges High School will be staggered.
17)  What is the maximum enrollment?
TBHS will hold up to approximately 2,000 students. 
18) Was construction delayed due to COVID-19?
No. The project remains on time and plans to open fall of 2021. 
Other questions? Call the District at (916) 645-6350 or email
*Questions specific to the road improvements (16b. and 16c.) need to be directed to the City of Lincoln at 916-434-2450.

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You are in invited to "walk around" the new high school. Just click on the picture and you will be taken to a site where you can use arrows to see different parts of the school!

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