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Please leave any comment you would like to provide on the following names that the Board is considering for the New High School. You are not required to leave a comment for each name. Your responses will be limited to 140 characters for each comment. The window for commenting will close on April 30th at 5:00pm. We appreciate your input.

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The Facilities Department supports education by:

  • Anticipating student enrollment trends and providing student housing in a timely manner
  • Locating and sizing new school sites in compliance with our District Facilities Master Plan
  • Working with housing developments to ensure proper fee mitigation
  • Ensuring compliance with state environmental and safety regulations
  • Obtaining all available funding for constructing new and updating current facilities
  • Managing construction of additions to and the modernization of existing schools and the building of new schools, as approved by the Western Placer Unified School District Board of Trustees.
Check out the School Site Projects Page to see exciting things happening in our District!!

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Michael Adell, Director of Facilities, (916) 645-5100
Hannah Ritchie, Facilities Coordinator, (916) 645-9579
Evelyn Keaton, Facilities Support Clerk, (916) 645-6350
Thomas Butcher, Facilities Construction Coordinator, (916) 645-5100