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The WPUSD Maintenance and Operations Department supports education by:

  • Ensuring the safety & health of all District campuses and properties

  • Ensuring that all District properties comply with Federal, State & Local regulatory agencies and policies

  • Cleanliness and condition of all District campuses meet or exceed industry standards

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June 18, 2015               

The Governor of California has instituted a mandate to all State agencies, including school Districts to immediately take steps to conserve water.  In addition, there is a state-wide moratorium placed on new, non-essential landscaping projects.  The state-wide goal is to reduce water consumption by 25%. 

On May 26, 2015, the Lincoln City Council adopted regulations and restrictions that are in compliance with the new state regulations. The City needs to meet a mandatory reduction of 36% of its total water consumption. The regulations are effective immediately. Please see link for further information:

Anticipating the water conservation mandates, Western Placer Unified School District has taken a pro-active approach to water conservation for the last 3 years and has significantly reduced water consumption at all campuses and District properties.

With the current mandatory restrictions placed on landscape irrigation WPUSD is reducing all watering to 2 days per week (Monday and Thursday after 9 p.m. and before 8 a.m.) as mandated by the City of Lincoln.   Please contact the maintenance & grounds department @ (916) 434-5000 to report suspected leaks, broken sprinklers or water run-off at any of our campuses.

Some key points in our water conservation best management practices include:

  • Recreational fields will be watered on a lighter schedule than during a non-drought year.

  • Reduced current watering at all District properties to twice a week on designated days and hours

  • Moratorium on planting of ornamental landscape and gardens.

  • Continued deployment of water savings technology in restrooms and classrooms.

  • Continued deployment of water savings technology (smart controllers, etc.) for irrigation.

  • Assessment of current campus landscape & irrigation systems focusing on drought-tolerant re-design & water conservation.

  • Established preventative maintenance for central plant heating & cooling equipment.

  • Prioritize suspected leaks in water lines & expedited repairs.

  • Maintain storm water management plan for the district.

  • Maintain bus wash water recycling pumps, filtration systems and equipment.

  • On-going training for all custodial, grounds & maintenance workers in storm water plan compliance.

  • Pressure washing of exterior campuses has been replaced with leaf blowers & webbers.

Links to State & Local Water Conservation Information Websites:

Association of California Water Agencies -

State Water Board Drought Year Water Actions - 

Placer County Water Agency -   

Helpful tips and information on water conservation -  or



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Each of the WPUSD campuses utilize an "On-site" work order system.  When a repair need is identified, staff fills out one of the work order slips.  The maintenance custodian at the site completes the repair.  If the repair requires specific skills to complete, the site custodian submits a work order to the maintenance office.  One of our trained technicians completes the repair.  Each work order is prioritized by the Director of Maintenance and Operations, with health and safety receiving immediate attention.

The Maintenance office should be contacted immediately if there are health or safety issues discovered.
Phone: 916-434-5000.  The Maintenance Office is located at 810 J Street, Lincoln CA. 


The link below will take you to the on-site work order form. 

documents/Z Hanging Docs/ON SITE work order form.xlsx

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As required by the California Healthy Schools Act, The following link will take you to the Western Placer Unified School Districts' Integrated Pest Management Plan.

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Grounds Mowing ScheduleTop of Page

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Please contact maintenance for the current mowing schedule.  If you suspect leaks in your irrigation system, please let the maintenance and grounds department know immediately.

Feel free to contact the Director of Maintenance and Operations if your site has special needs or events. We will do our best to accommodate you. 

(916) 434-5000

  • Creekside Oaks Elementary School  
  • First Street Elementary School
  • Phoenix High School  
  • Lincoln High School 
  • Lincoln Crossing Elementary School
  • Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School  
  • Sheridan Elementary School
  • Foskett Ranch Elementary School
  • Twelve Bridges Elementary School  
  • Twelve Bridges Middle School 
  • Glen Edwards Middle School 
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    If you accidentally set off an alarm at one of the campuses, please call the monitoring company listed below with the school name, account number and password.  This will ensure that the police will not be dispatched to the site. 

    The account number and password to each site will be provided by your site Administrator, along with the protocol for disarming and arming the system.


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    The custodial staff at Western Placer Unified School District
     are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy learning
     and teaching environment for all students, teachers, staff
     and the community to enjoy.  Utilizing on-going training
     and industry-proven equipment, the standard of cleaning
     throughout the District meets or exceeds State & Federal

     Below, are the checklists that the custodial staff uses to
     assure that all areas have been cleaned during our summer
     deep cleaning of all campuses.

    Here is a powerpoint presentation about some former projects
    and activities.
    documents/Z Hanging Docs/Summer 2013.ppt

    documents/Z Hanging Docs/Summer Cleaning- Interior Classroom.doc 
    Click on the above link for interior cleaning details

    documents/Z Hanging Docs/summer cleaning- restrooms.doc 
    Click on the above link for restroom cleaning details

    documents/Z Hanging Docs/exteriorcleaning2013 WPUSD.doc 
    Click on the above link for exterior cleaning details

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    Storm Water Management PlanTop of Page

    Western Placer Unified School District has one of the most diligent Storm Water Management
    plans in Northern California. Utilizing state-of-the-art containment and reclamation systems
    at the Transportation Yard, a scheduled monitoring and testing program and on-going training
    on new regulatory requirements, our District ensures that our environment is not negatively affected.

    Our latest Storm Water Management report can be located at the following link:

    documents/Z Hanging Docs/Western Placer Site Eval 2012-2013-signed.pdf

    ContactTop of Page

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    Stan Brandl - Director of Maintenance & Operations
    (916) 434-5000, Office
    (916) 206-4492, Mobile

    Christine Sanguinetti - Maintenance Secretary
    (916) 434-5000, Office
    (916) 645-4016, Fax

    Maintenance Office: 810 J Street, Lincoln CA 95648
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