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We are kicking off the school year with a whopper of a student spotlight - highlighting not just one student, but three! Three sisters have quite the tight schedule outside of their regular school day. Six-year-old Emeliann Grandin, nine-year-old Charlotte Grandin, and eleven-year-old Lily Grandin are all chasing that checkered flag when they aren't at school. Emeliann and Charlotte both attend Carlin C. Coppin, while Lily is in her first year at Glen Edwards Middle School. The racing trio all race quarter midget racecars in different motor classes. Emeliann races in the novice (or beginner) division with a speed restricted motor. The older sisters are both racing the senior Honda motor with no speed restrictions. The girls race during the nine-month long season, racing 20-30 races within that time. The family primarily races in the Northern California Area, with a few major races across the country. Over Thanksgiving, these racing rockstars head to Las Vegas to compete against over 350 cars. When asking father, Carl, what sparked their interest in racecar driving, he mentioned their mom, Sue, grew up around drag racing. His biggest motivation to get the girls involved was the driving experience they would have under their belts, once it came time to get behind the wheel of a daily driver.
When the family isn't out on the racetrack, all three girls are involved in 4H. In addition, Emeliann and Charlotte play softball (Charlotte is on the All-Star Team) and Lily plays waterpolo. All three girls maintain their schoolwork and still have time for their family and fun! These girls are definitely on the right track for a bright future!