WPUSD Teachers and Admin Prepare for the New School YearTop of Page

gymnasium with students sitting on bleachersLincoln, CA, August 18, 2015– The summer heat is slowly waning and the feel of change is in the air; both parents and children alike are excited about the start of a new school year. The Western Placer Unified School District (WPUSD) school year started on August 19th with an array of new resources for teachers, parents, and students.
During the summer teachers prepped their rooms far beyond the normal gradebook set-up and class organization. Between district-wide trainings and new software implementation, teachers and staff became fully armed with exciting new resources that surpassed traditional teaching norms. The students in WPUSD this year will be advancing quickly and interactively using today’s technology.

WPUSD promotes a proactive approach to education by giving parents the ability to watch, track and interact with their child’s education. These proactive resources positively support a student’s educational learning experience outside of a classroom setting.

“We involve parents using a real-time software that fits into a parent’s busy schedule to give them access to what their child is doing in the classroom each day,” states Jessica Armistead, a teacher at Twelve Bridges Middle School.

To facilitate this positive shift in learning, WPUSD has integrated two new software programs into the schools allowing parents to become more involved in the day-to-day and long term effects of their child’s education. A simple login with a Facebook-like interface facilitates a seamless communication between the teacher, student and parent on a continual basis. Anytime a parent wants to know more about their child, they can login, message a teacher or school coach, check grades, review assignments and see what is due in the next 10-days.

Along with a new software that communicates with parents in real-time, teachers and admin attended trainings to advance their own understanding of the curriculum, upcoming generations, and different learning styles of students. Education at WPUSD encompasses an entire learning curriculum that includes the practical application of classroom lessons far beyond just the topic the teachers are teaching.

Teachers are excited to implement group and team skill building in all types of instruction to encourage real-life situations as students enter college and the workforce. As simple as applying new seating arrangement strategies and critical thinking questions, teachers have developed a new way to teach for a lifelong impact of student growth.

Whether just starting kindergarten or in the last year of high school, students in WPUSD have a fabulous year waiting for them at WPUSD.