Written By: Sam Carrillo, Senior and Editor of ZebraTalesTop of Page

man on forkliftLincoln, CA, September 1, 2015–Thunder Valley Casino Resort made itself a scholastic supporter, once again, by starting their process of donating over 1.2 million sheets of paper to schools in the area. 9 a.m. on Tuesday, August 25, at the old Western Placer District Office (600 Sixth Street, Suite 400), in the parking lot of Phoenix and Lincoln high schools, marked the first round of donations. The amount of paper that was delivered to the Western Placer Unified School District was over 800 reams.

The Superintendent of the district, Scott Leaman, comments that what this really means is “we have three pallets of paper here so we typically are able to distribute at least a ream or two of paper to each teacher. So, it’s really a positive impact.” In addition to Leaman’s hopes, the General Manager of Thunder Valley, Dawn Clayton, has wishes that the casino’s donation will help teachers to supply their students with lesson plans, important materials, and worksheets that are important to gain the most amount of education possible.

Plans for more paper donations from Thunder Valley Casino Resort include: the Roseville City Unified School District, Whitney High School, Rocklin High School, and John Adams Academy. Another special aspect of the casino is that, in the past, employees have donated pencils - among other items; which really makes it a community affair of support. Dawn Clayton says, “We are very proud to be able to assist our local schools,” and this is really a matter that can bring pride into the hearts of all parents, students, and faculty that are affected.