What is the Bilingual Immersion Program?

It is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two different languages. In this case, Spanish and English are the two languages. Both native English speakers and native Spanish speakers are enrolled in a class together, with native Spanish speakers making up about one-third of a class population.


Q: What would the typical school day be like for my child?
A: Starting in kindergarten, the kindergarten curriculum will be taught in 90% Spanish and 10% English (following the 90:10 model). Spanish will be introduced to students in playful ways to build phonemic awareness, sound/symbol relationships, and social and academic vocabulary in Spanish. Specific teaching strategies will then be used to meet students at their level of language development and proficiency.
Q: What is the 90:10 model?
The first number (90) refers to the amount of instructional time initially spent for instruction in Spanish. The second number (10) refers to the amount of instructional time initially spent for instruction in English. The amount of time taught in Spanish decreases yearly as English increases.chart
Q: How would this program benefit my child?
Native Spanish speakers gain a higher proficiency in English, earn higher grade point averages (GPA), have an increased enrollment in post-secondary education, and experience decreased dropout rates. Native English speakers gain native-like levels of comprehension in Spanish and achieve equal or better than non-immersion peers on standardized tests.
Q:Who do I contact for more information?
Kerry Callahan
Deputy Superintendent of Educational Services
(916) 645-6350

What is the Goal?Top of Page

The goal is for students to develop high levels of language proficiency and literacy in both Spanish and English, demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, and develop an appreciation for and an understanding of diverse cultures. It creates a growing focus on multiculturalism, as the United States is considered a diverse melting pot of cultures.

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Cristin Lobeck

  • Teacher for 25+ years (Graduate of UCSB - Chicano Studies)teacher
  • Studied and taught in Mexico (Studied at UNAM and taught high school and college English as a foreign language at UNLA in Morelia.)
  • Has taught students TK-5th (English, Bilingual Immersion and newcomer programs) as well as adult ESL.
  • Mother of 2 bilingual kids - former COES Hawks now at Roseville HS.

Jennifer Villanueva

  • Teacher for 23+ years and counting (Alumnus of UCLA and SDSUJennifer Villanueva)
  • Has taught all grades K-12 in both English settings and bilingual immersion, as well as Spanish as a second language
  • Mother of 3- two daughters in college, one son at LHS