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Facilities Use


The Board of Trustees recognizes that the school facilities of the district should be made available for community purposes under the supervision of responsible persons. This is provided that such use does not interfere with the educational program of the schools. The Board will permit the use of school facilities on a first-come, first-served basis when such request has been made in writing and been approved by the Superintendent or the principal. 

Facilities Use Application Form, Fee Schedule and Guidelines

Supplemental Forms and Information


Steps for Facilities Use Agreements:

    • Club, Organization, City of Lincoln etc. inquires at school about facilities usage at School/District.
    • School determines if facility is available.
    • School directs inquirer to application. 
      • located on District website–link: Click here


    • School approves application for scheduling and forwards paperwork to Business Office
      • Paperwork must include:
        • Facilities Use Agreement
        • Certificate of Insurance naming WPUSD as additional insured
        • IRS form 501(c) - Required for non-profit groups 
      • School sends or faxes a copy application to Maintenance to schedule custodial if applicable.
      • Business Office reviews paperwork for completeness, calculation of fees (if applicable) and final approval.
    • Once all the necessary paperwork and fees have been received by Business, Business notifies the School and the inquirer of their final approval.
    • Business Office sends a copy of the approved paperwork to the inquirer and school site
    • Business Office invoices user after use of facilities.