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Western Placer Unified School District prepares students for the future. Starting at the elementary level, students are involved in a number of programs to jump start their future. From STEM based curriculum to AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination – a non-profit organization that equips teachers with the skills and knowledge to prepare students for college), the elementary level is not only practicing college readiness, but preparing for a future in the workforce. These programs get more robust as students progress through middle and high school. In high school, any student can opt into CTE (Career Technical Education) courses and begin studying areas of interest - construction management, biomedical sciences, and engineering for example. Giving students exposure to courses that prepare them for life beyond high school is critical to their future success. Students graduate from Western Placer schools with a better understanding of what the ‘real world’ may look like.


From elementary to high school, Western Placer Unified School District offers a plethora of higher education opportunities. Starting in the primary level, GATE is offered to qualifying students. New this year, WPUSD is testing every third grade student, so no child’s academic capability is overlooked. At the middle school level, Honors Academy is offered at both of our middle schools – STEAM Honors Academy at Twelve Bridges Middle School, and VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) Honors Academy at Glen Edwards Middle School. At Lincoln High, there are over 19 different advanced coursework options – eight honors courses, ten advanced placement (AP) courses and one college level English class. Accelerating students’ learning and helping them be competitive with other top students when applying for college is important to us.


When a student enters Western Placer Unified School District, they become a part of a nurturing community. We understand that every student’s academic needs are unique. It is our mission to empower students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes for success in an ever-changing world. We uphold our mission by molding curriculum, implementing individualized programs, and giving students access to a wide variety of clubs and athletic programs. From high achievers, GATE and Honors Academy, to a robust agriculture program and ATLAS Independent Study Learning Academy, Western Placer Unified is able to meet the needs of every student. This year, WPUSD added a Cadet Corp program at the high school. The Cadet Corp implementation was as a direct result of increased interest from the students for a pre-military program. Taking the time to listen to our student’s needs will continue to grow our responsive practices.


As our community continues to grow, Western Placer Unified School District is striving to meet the needs of new families and students. WPUSD is modernizing and expanding capacity on existing schools and is currently working on the construction of two new schools – Leaman Elementary and Twelve Bridges High School. The new elementary school is projected to open in fall of 2020, and the new high school the year after in 2021. Glen Edwards Middle School is in the middle of a complete facelift with brand new buildings and proposed athletic fields. The modernization project at Lincoln High School was complete prior to school starting in August, 2018. Updates included – in part – five new classrooms, a computer lab, and improvements to the stadium. Having safe, adequate facilities to serve our students is a top priority, and we are well on our way to achieving that goal.


Safety at Western Placer Unified School District is a top priority. This year alone, WPUSD implemented seven new safety procedures to help protect our students in the event of an emergency. Starting at the elementary level, we are introducing safety to our students and educating them on best practices at school, at home, and in the community.  This year marks the third annual Safety Awareness Day event. Local Kiwanis members partner with our elementary schools to bring first responder personnel on campus to perform demonstrations and educate our students on safety. The district is continually improving communication systems, both internally at schools, and externally to families. Currently, WPUSD is working on having a public announcement system in place so anyone on campus, outside or on athletic fields can hear urgent communication all at one time. The high school adopted the “See Something, Say Something” motto and with the help of the school’s resource officer, they are continually working to perfect various drills to prepare for an emergency.