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Facility Master Plans










Western Placer Unified School District's Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is a 10-15 year plan consisting of the future needs and development of all schools, sites, and support facilities throughout the school district. The FMP is drafted together through a series of meetings with the Facilities Needs Committee (FNC), consisting of over 40 representatives from the community, city, parents, and staff. The FNC met on Nov 9th, Feb 10th, and March 2nd, where they collaborated and discussed some creative ideas to accommodate the fast growing needs of the district and current facilities/maintenance needs at the school sites. Some of the creative ideas discussed were the creation of a K-8 model due to the future middle school needs to accommodate residential development, revamping of Carlin C. Coppin, ways to enhance the two current high schools, introduction of a TK expansion program, and ways to support current district growth and facilities improvements. On March 22nd, the FNC took their final recommendations to the Board of Education in a five-hour study session, reviewing all ideas, thoughts, and needs of the district. The Board approved the recommendations and 2022 Facilities Master Plan on May 17, 2022. For a complete list of the committee members, facility needs recommendations, and the updated 2022 Facilities Master Plan, please follow the links below.


The Western Placer Unified School District is growing at a rapid rate. It is our goal to work closely with the City of Lincoln in developing a Master Plan that will appropriately serve the students living within the WPUSD boundary area. As of May of 2022, we finalized and updated our Master Plan to reflect the most accurate projections in both cost and population growth. 


With changes to development growth and student projections an update to the 2014 Facilities Master Plan was needed.  Adopted in May of 2022 by the Board of Trustees, the updated Facilities Master Plan includes additional site master plans and revised site costs.