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Measure G Bond


Western Placer Unified School District (WPUSD) schools serve an essential community need. As the local
provider of Transitional Kindergarten through 12th Grade (TK-12) public education, we believe all students deserve to
learn in quality classrooms and school facilities. While we have been able to build, repair, and upgrade SOME of our public
schools to address critical needs and overcrowding, the rest of our local schools continue to age, and the state of their
classrooms, facilities, and technology is adversely impacting teaching and learning. Additionally, more young families with
school-age children are moving into our school district each year. The District’s enrollment has almost doubled since the
early 2000s. As a result, many WPUSD schools are operating at near maximum capacity, utilizing all available classrooms
and shared spaces. New classrooms are needed to prevent classroom overcrowding and accommodate projected
enrollment. Measure G provides a plan to continue addressing the most critical Western Placer Unified School District
facilities needs. No other funding currently exists to properly upgrade these facilities. 

Measure G Defined

Measure G is a school bond measure that the WPUSD Board of Trustees has voted to place on the
November 8, 2022 ballot seeking voter authorization for Western Placer Unified School District funding to make needed
facilities repairs, technology upgrades, and improvements to school sites. Measure G requires 55% support to pass. A “YES
vote” approves funding for the District’s plan; a “NO vote” rejects the plan.