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Western Placer Unified School District is committed to advancing the integration of technology into teaching and learning. This includes developing and supporting the required infrastructure, hardware, software and professional development.
Our goals are to improve student academic achievement through technology literacy and to improve the ability of all teachers to integrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction.
In coordination with educational services and individual school sites, our Information Technology department designs, implements, and maintains numerous systems and technologies to support business and curricular functions within the Western Placer Unified School District.



Tech Support
Help Desk System

Tsugu Furuyama, Technology Director

District Issued Technology

During the 2020-2021 school year, WPUSD was able to provide 1:1 student technology. The district prides itself on providing adequate technology options for students in the classroom and on independent study. Please see the District Issued Technology Agreement below to review both the parent/guardian and district policy. 

2021-2022 District Issued Technology Agreement 

Student Internet Use Agreement K-12