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FREE Meals for ALL 

Beginning in 2022, the State of California adopted the Universal Meals Program which allows for district to offer free breakfast and lunch for every student, while maintaining quality ingredients and healthy options. Despite this new program, we still need families to fill out an online meal application to properly allocate supplemental funding from the state and federal level. Please click here to fill out a meal application. Note: student eligibility status does NOT impact their ability to receive free meals. 

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- Food Service Feature -


We are happy to introduce our newest vendor, Boar’s Head. We will be introducing their high quality meats, cheeses and condiments at all sites over the next few weeks!

On November 10th, The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) awarded Western Placer Unified School District Food Service Department $150,000.00 for the project titled, “WPUSD Food Service - Culinary Coordinator and Outreach.” We will use these funds to hire a department chef to help develop scratch made menu selections and elevate our overall quality of meals offered. We will also use these funds to develop materials to improve the appearance of our school cafeterias. We are so thankful to CDFA for this grant!

We are working with a partner to develop a brand for our Food and Nutrition Services Department. Creating this brand will represent the passion and quality of this department, and strengthen our communications with our students and parents. This month we will send out a short survey to hear your perspective.

Keep an eye out for our sustainably grown brown basmati rice from Rue & Forsman Ranch located in Wheatland, Ca. You will see this rice featured with our awesome Orange Chicken!


Welcome our new vendor, Bonami Bakery! Located in Pittsburgh, Ca, this family owned bakery is supplying us with whole grain rich dough for freshly baked croissants and cinnamon rolls. They are also supplying our ciabatta bread, hamburger buns and hotdog buns. We are so excited to offer freshly baked & local products to our students!