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Complaints and Concerns

It is our goal to foster positive relationships with all members of our school community by building open lines of communication between students, staff, and families. At times, questions or concerns arise. Who do you contact? What should you do? We've outlined below a simple guide to help you navigate the Western Placer Unified School District's complaint resolution process. 

Equity Officer and Title IX Compliance Officer

Cliff DeGraw
Assistant Superintendent, Personnel
600 Sixth Street, Suite 400

Where do I start ?

Begin with addressing your concern with the individual directly, either by phone or request a meeting in person. Disputes and misunderstandings are often best resolved in person and may be the result of miscommunication. Often, misunderstandings can be cleared up or issues addressed through a courteous conversation at the school level. 

What if I still have concerns?

You may feel you were unable to resolve the issue with the individual. In this case, you should schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss the situation with your school's assistant principal or principal. Concerns related to administration (assistant principal or principal) should be directed to the district personnel department. 

And if that doesn't work?

If you still feel there has not been a satisfactory resolution after exhausting all efforts in the steps outlined above, including discussing the situation with the principal,  please contact the district personnel department at 916-645-5293. If you have not taken the steps above to resolve the issue with the school, you may be referred back to the school site.


Filing a Formal Complaint

Even after following the steps above, some issues may need to follow a more formal process. Depending on the issue, there are different types of complaints individuals can file. Expand each section below to determine which complaint your concern falls under. 

Types of Complaints

How to File My Complaint