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Who We Are

District Mission

Empower students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes for success in an ever-changing world

Vision Statement

Students, parents, and the local community will recognize our excellence and see our schools as desirable places to be enrolled. The unique opportunities available include a strong emphasis on the local environment, technology, and the arts, in addition to a strong academic curriculum. The education process will be structured to encourage parental involvement and enlist community support in the education of our children. Students, parents, faculty and administration will be held accountable for meeting established expectations. All students will have the opportunity to be educated to their maximum potential limited only by their interest, ability, and effort.

Global District Goals

  1. Develop and continually upgrade a well-articulated K-12 academic program that challenges all students to achieve their highest potential.
  2. Foster a safe, caring environment where individual differences are valued and respected.
  3. Provide facilities for all district programs and functions that are suitable in terms of function, space, cleanliness and attractiveness.
  4. Promote the involvement of the community, local government, business, service organizations, etc. as partners in the education of our students.
  5. Promote student health and nutrition in order to enhance readiness for learning.

Annual District Goals

Each year the Governance Team of the Western Placer Unified School District (the five-member Board, the Superintendent, the two Assistant Superintendents and the Director of Human Services) will, through a series of meetings, set annual Goals and 0bjectives for the District. Input will be solicited from a variety of sources and through a number of processes and incorporated into the setting of these annual Goals and 0bjectives. All staff, students, parents, administration, Site-Based Leadership Teams, business and the community will have annual opportunity to provide input to the Governance Team.